MiNiQ Nano Protein Skimmer - Bubble Magus
MiNiQ Nano Protein Skimmer - Bubble Magus
MiNiQ Nano Protein Skimmer - Bubble Magus
MiNiQ Nano Protein Skimmer - Bubble Magus
MiNiQ Nano Protein Skimmer - Bubble Magus

    MiNiQ Nano Protein Skimmer - Bubble Magus

      MiNiQ Built-in Hang in Tank Protein Skimmer
      MiniQ is specially developed for nano tanks, suitable for 75L (20 gallons) saltwater aquariums
      Foot Print 3.23X2.09" fish tank
      Compatible with most all in one tanks
      The hanger can hang up to .47" thick
      5V DC power supply, USB universal power supply 
      Newly developed special needle brush pump, quiet and efficient
      Adapter: Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Output DC5V, 1A
      Needle brush pump for miniQ: DC5V, 2W
      Built-in guide box, water and air are fully mixed
      Dimensions: 3.23x2.09x8.86" (excluding the cylinder hanger part)
          Built-in hanging tank skimmer
          Suitable for 75-liter marine fish tanks
          DC needle brush water pump: DC5V, 2W
          Adapter: Input: 100-240V, 50/ 60Hz, Output: DC5V, 1A
          The hanger is suitable for aquarium glass below 12mm
          MiniQ hanging tank built-in egg skimmer:
      It is the latest product developed by BUBBLE-MAGUS, especially for the exquisite small marine fish tank design. The length and width are only 3.23X2.09". The slim shape is very suitable for placing in the back filter grid of the fish tank. Professional configurations such as water level regulating valve and muffler are all available.
      The core technology of the DC needle brush pump is applied to the miniQ. The motor part of the pump body is cleverly combined with the barrel body to form a whole including the air inlet channel. It is combined with the newly developed fine needle brush and titanium alloy shaft to create bubbles. The power is strong, and the sewage discharge is sensitive and efficient. Built-in newly designed silicone silencer, stable and silent operation.
      miniQ is 5 volt 1 amp low voltage DC power supply, safe and low energy consumption, using USB universal power interface, in addition to ordinary USB port mobile phone charger power supply, if there is a power outage, it can also be connected to a mobile phone power bank for emergency oxygen and pollution discharge It has strong versatility and flexibility.
      The miniQ contains a water diversion box and a conical collecting neck. The water and air are mixed evenly during operation and the sewage discharge efficiency is high; the newly developed precision mold realizes the "labyrinth" water outlet channel in the barrel, and the small bubbles sink and overflow when draining. The separation effect is good, and the knob-type water level adjustment valve can quickly and accurately adjust the water level of the skimmer to keep the skimmer in good running condition.