How We Got Started

Hi, I'm George! I started this adventure almost 10 years ago when I set up my first saltwater tank as a 5th grader. Very quickly, I realized the complexity of setting up a saltwater fish tank and getting your feet wet (quite literally) in this amazing hobby. There are so many people that do not get the chance to experience the great opportunities in this space because of their lack of knowledge getting started.


CoralFish12g - Aquarium Tuber Tag Challenge - ANSWERS YOU MAY NOT EXPECT? -  YouTube


This is why I made it my mission to bridge the knowledge gap by providing the correct resources, inspiration and knowledge for people to get into the aquarium hobby. Our goal is to make it effortless and fun for anybody to become a saltwater fish tank owner. 


We currently own a youtube channel with 800K+ subscribers that provides fun and educational videos about aquariums. We host USA's #1 Largest Aquarium Festival, "Aquashella", which is hosted in three major US cities. We have built this website to provide a one-stop shop for all your saltwater aquarium needs. 


AMAZING AQUARIUM EVENT: Aquashella Brah, Salt and Fresh Water Extravaganza!  - YouTube


Every purchase you make on this store helps support the mission to make this hobby more accessible for everybody else. Every dollar we make goes back into creating amazing events, insightful youtube videos and other cool initiatives for you to enjoy! We appreciate you choosing to shop with us :)

Meet The Team

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George Mavrakis

Founder & Creative Producer

Asher Edwards

Lead Video Editor

Patryk Swietek

Business Manager

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Zakaria El Benna

Website Administrator