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FA Fritz Aquatics Fishless Fuel Ammonia Solution 2oz

    FA Fritz Aquatics Fishless Fuel Ammonia Solution 2oz


      About Fishless Fuel Establishing a healthy biological filter is essential to every aquatic system. Fritz Fishless Fuel eliminates the guesswork of dry ammonium chloride powders and other ammonia sources such as fish food or other organic materials. When using Fritz Fishless Fuel, there is also no need to put any livestock in potential danger to start a system. As a pure liquid ammonia source, easily feed your nitrifying bacteria to establish a robust, healthy biological filter. The convenient dropper bottle makes dosing simple. The Fritz Fishless Fuel formula contains 40 mg/mL TAN (total ammonia nitrogen.) DO NOT USE FISHLESS FUEL IN ANY SYSTEM CONTAINING LIVESTOCK. DO NOT ADD ANY ANIMALS TO A SYSTEM THAT HAS MEASURABLE AMMONIA OR NITRITE. Directions & Dosage To bring aquarium to 2 ppm ammonia: Add 4 drops per One U.S. Gallon (3.78 L) or 1 tsp (5 ml) per 25 U.S. Gallons (94.6 L) ​​​​​​​ Fritz Fishless Fuel Ammonia Solution is to be used when performing a fishless cycle. Add required amount of Fritz Fishless Fuel Liquid Ammonia Solution to reach desired ammonia level (Fritz recommends 2-4 ppm). After adding ammonia add FritzZyme Nitrifying Bacteria and test daily. Once ammonia and nitrite levels are reading zero, livestock can be safely added. Continue to monitor ammonia and nitrite on a regular basis. DO NOT USE WHEN LIVESTOCK IS PRESENT.