Where To Place Corals In Your Nano Reef!

by Nevin Swingle on January 13, 2022

Every coral you get will need to be placed in a specific location of your tank in order to keep it happy, thriving and growing! All corals will require different lighting, flow, and water conditions in order to flourish in your tank. Let's look at the best placements for the 3 different types of corals!


Soft Corals

Soft corals prefer lower light and flow conditions, so placing them on your sand bed or on a low rock out of direct light is a good spot for them.


LPS Corals

Like soft corals, these corals also do not require as much flow or light. They still need light, so don't hide them under any shadows, but you do not need to place them directly under your tank light in order for them to grow!


SPS Corals

These corals can handle high flow and lighting, so placing near the top of your rock might be best for them. Be careful not to blast them with too much flow or light though, you don't want to bleach them or blow them off your rocks as they might break! Also be mindful of their placement on your rocks, because as they grow, they may start to grow into the walls of your tank or through the surface of the water. This can be easily fixed by fragging the coral.